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Children's Party Entertainer

Why not book a Punch and Judy Show for your children's birthday? The professor performs a fantastic show, especially for these events. The proceedings kick off with an amazing magic show. Children love magic, and Dill's show is a skilful and laugh-packed display of sleight of hand. Things disappear from his fingertips, and coins cascade from children's ears. The birthday child gets to do their very own magic trick.

After the magic show, we move straight into the Punch and Judy show. The show is performed in a unique indoor theatre, suitable for smaller spaces so that it can be set up in a lounge. The show, which is ideal for children of any age, is a fast-paced slapstick comedy with all the well-loved characters, Toby the dog, Joey the clown, the baby, the policeman and of course, the crocodile who makes off with Mr Punch's sausages. The whole show, including the magic, lasts about forty-five minutes and is an absolute riot of audience participation - please go to the
Punch and Judy Video page to see a few clips.
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Puppets, Magic and Music

Professor Dill can provide a complete package for your children's birthday party. Everything you need for a magical birthday party for your child - all you have to supply is the food!

First comes the magic show. Coins are produced from children's ears, objects appear and disappear in a comical and bewildering fashion. Having worked as a full time professional sleight of hand magician for many years, you can be sure you will be getting the most amazing display of magical expertise. Not only will the children be amazed but the parents will be too! During the magic show the birthday child also gets a chance to do some magic of their own.

Then comes the Punch and Judy show itself - the show is completely interactive with the puppets talking directly to the children and the children shouting back. With plenty of "oh yes you did!" and "its behind you" you can be absolutely sure the children will have the time of their lives - but be prepared for a lot of noise. If you would like an idea of the audiences response - just go to my
Punch and Judy video page

Balloon modelling is another speciality, with a few deft turns a balloon magically turns into a dog, a rabbit, a flower or even a pirate sword. Every child gets to go home with their very own balloon model.

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Kids Disco

No children's party would be complete without a little bit of music! If you only have an old CD player to hand hand then don't worry We can supply the perfect children’s disco for any venue - whether it be in your front room or a church hall. Disco lights a sound system plus is always a great attraction! Whether if be pop, disco or children's tunes for the younger party goers Dill can supply 100 watt battery powered sound system with special music mixes specifically designed for the perfect children's party. So when planning your child's birthday, think of magic, music and a fantastic puppet show. Talk to a professional entertainer - give the professor a call!
Dear Prof Dill,  I simply cannot thank you enough for everything you did on Saturday for Aoife’s party. It was a little scary booking entertainment without any recommendations or having seen your show, but you surpassed all expectations! You have a wonderful gift; all 15 of the children, plus many of their very very small siblings, were totally captivated for the entire performance. I can’t tell you how happy it made both myself and John to watch our daughter enjoy her first big birthday party so much, we are so very grateful to you. You are a joy to watch. I hope one day we will see you again. Best wishes,  
Natalie Hick
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